Press CD The Wroclaw Sessions

by The Mark Lotz Trio

The Soundtrack Of My Life (Israel)
An absolute must for Jazz flute connoisseurs

Polish Jazzblog Spot (Poland)
“The Wroclaw Sessions” is a stellar example of musical chemistry and the essence of the sound.”

Clifford Allen (USA)
“I hope it gets some press because it is very strong music. I’m quite hooked. It is rare to blindly receive an album that is so appealing.”

Moors Magazine (NL)
“Yet in the pure jazz tradition and of improvisation, nine creative pieces emerged that show that Lotz belongs to the absolute top of the improvising flute players.”

Opduvel (Belgium)
“In the hands of Lotz the flute is a wonderful solo instrument and he can build on a rhythm section that is focused and is solid as a rock.”