Jazzism (2/2019)

4 star review for the Live At JazzCase release

Cadence (USA) on Live At JazzCase

"Arguably this is one of Lotz’ finest.“

Uni Kulturni Magazine

"unforeseen became a deed"

Press CD Live At JazzCase

by Lotz Of Music

HIS Voice (Czech Republic)
“Surprising new view on the format of free improvisation.”

“… full of exciting blend of minimalism and blues; with underneath strange sounds from somewhere inside a freezing universe.”

Salt Peanuts (Denmark)
“An intuitive and joyful journey into ancient and imagined, colorful territories. “

Moors Magazine, The Netherlands
“Bloody tight music on the edge.”

All About Jazz (USA)
“What Lotz and his colleagues have going for them is a fundamental lyricism.”
“Chamber-music aspect with a basic danceability.”

‘ Track 1 Only’ Blog by Vera Vingerhoeds

Spinning Now, Nine Radio, Tom Swift (Canada)
“Incredibly tight quintet led by reed man Mark Alban Lotz.”

Opduvel (Belgium)
“A colorful album full of musicality, playful finds, attractive sound combinations and fun.” 

Jazzflits (The Netherlands)
“They literally create their own playground.”

Jazz (Portugal)
“Here we are in a great trip full of surprising episodes that enriches, as Paul Theroux said, who embarks on it without knowing where it will go.”

Cadence (USA)
“At times the effect is a chamber group, other times a jungle group and other times like an improv jam. Yet on top of this mix is an emotional kick and logic. Many in this group have played together for years and they may have developed a familiarity and six sense amongst each other. Arguably this is one of Lotz’ finest.“