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Interview with Lotz regarding Vers Festival 2019

Taiwan 2018

Tour Taiwan 2019 (TIIF)

Mark Lotz Solo China

Solo and other gigs in China, HK, Taiwan (2015-2018)

HIS Voice on Live At JazzCase

The album is totally decadent!

The New Indian Express

article on Tour India 2018

HKU Flute Festival 2019

23-26 May 2019 at the Utrecht Conservatory

Fotos Sara Anke

Photo shoot with Mark Lotz/ Alan Purves

Draai Om Je Oren (JazzCase)

"Limits simply do not exist here." (on Lotz Of Music)
  • Newsletter Mark My Autumn 2020
  • A new concert series is coming up! Mark My Wor(l)ds s a series in music and performance and artistic reflection in the times of #blacklivesmatter and social isolation by the voices of the many traditions the Netherlands is rich.
  • Our GIST! collective is starting with their monthly series in adventurous music.
  • Festival Jazz On The Sofa is postponed due to sars 2
  • Due to Covid-19 my two tours in Finland and Poland are canceled
  • Newsletter Summer 2020
  • Lotz Of Music series is a series of concert on actual music at the Beauforthuis, Austerlitz. Dates are august 14th, 28th and september 13th. Delighted if you drop by!
  • We formed a Utrecht based collective of musicians for adventurous music: GIST!
    Our first festival will be held at thursday september 3rd at Museum Speelklok, Utrecht!
  • Due to Covid-19 the ‘Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out!’ Tour by Mark Lotz Trio is canceled.
  • Due to Covid-19 the HKU Flute Festival is canceled.
  • Due to Covid-19 my tour in april to Okinawa is canceled.
  • Due to Covid-19 my tour in march to Taiwan is canceled.
  • Newsletter Spring 2020
  • Taiwan & Okinawa
    Lotz/Purves (duo with Squeakologist Alan Purves) is invited to perform Taiwan. Also performing with our project Focus On Taiwan with Sheng player Li Li-Cheng and pianist Shih Yang-Lee. Next to the duo concerts I will perform in jazz, have solo recitals and collaborations in improvisation and I will hold a lecture in a University in Tainan.
    After that I’ll head to Okinawa for some fantastic performances. A.o with the last singer of the Oshima island, the legendary ‘Grandma’!
  • Dutch Tour 2020/21 • Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out!
    Mark Lotz Trio in collaboration with legendary Dutch cineast Michiel van Bakel around LSD guru Timothy Leary. Taking Leary’s ‘Eight-Circuit Model Of Consciousness’ as point of departure we will perform psychedelic jazz with interactive video art. Cutting edge jazz with two exiting exponents of the new generation of the Polish music scene.
  • The CD ‘The Wroclaw Session’ by the Mark Lotz Trio won twice the ‘Best of’s’ in the ‘New York City Jazz Records Magazine, january edition 2020. In the categories ‘Honorable Mentions’ and ‘Artwork’.
  • Newsletter Autumn 2019

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