Lotz always sought the adventure and played with musicians from many countries and many disciplines. For this last album he goes back to an old love, the jazz. This poped out more or less by chance, when he gave master classes and concerts in Poland. There he was invited by bass player Grzegorz Piasecki for an improvisation recording in the small town of Wroclaw, together with drummer Wojciech Bulinski.

The circumstances were far from optimal – the musicians hadn’t had much sleep, the studio was clearly lo-fi and there was little time. Moreover, the drummer dropped out half the session suffering from high fever. Yet in the pure jazz tradition and of improvisation, nine creative pieces emerged that show that Lotz belongs to the absolute top of the improvising flute players. The two Polish musicians are performing great as well. This is another good example of why jazz continues to attract – it occasionally delivers unheard of exciting and uniquely beautiful music. It’s great that we can enjoy this special session.

Mark Lotz Trio – The Wroclaw Sessions – Audio Cave ACD 006 2019