Review by Concert (Austria) 2/2019

On Solo Flutes
“One of the most outstanding virtuoso on the flute … as he impressively demonstrates on these two albums.
In sum, each piece is in a sense a compositional love letter to the repertoire, reminiscent of the virtuoso traditions of this instrument by breaking them through a colorful prism of modernity. In volatile extremes of density and dynamics, he opens up a new kind of sound world, where sudden bursts of chords break the surface of the music and you momentarily feel like listening to a flute ensemble instead of a single soloist, where Lotz transports his instrument and himself as performer to it’s borders and beyond.”

On Food Foragers
This characteristic of Lotz’ performance also is evident on the duo album “Food Foragers” with the Scottish all-rounder Alan Gunga Purves. There are very few drummers with whom Lotz could harmonize in a similarly playful way as with Alan Purves. His legendary rhythmic ingenuity is shown here in many ways. … In a differentiated way (no matter if it’s a war-cry or a subtle whisper) Purves reveals in 15 tracks how he can make the drums (or whatever he uses as drums) sing. A whole percussion workshop begins to turn and, in addition to spectacular artistic skills, also offers ‚vaudevillian‘ theatricality, for which the Amsterdam scene, to which the two can be counted, is famous for. Also here there is much surprise, at no time does the improvisation become boring or ordinary.”