Karin Veraart, De Volkskrant

“Violent dialogues in a mean relation play.”

Emmen Dagblad

Mysterious and increasingly penetrating ostinato’s evoke an atmosphere of strange rituals.

Oye Listen

Inspiring evening with deep Afro Cuban Grooves and crazy jazz escapades presented with remarkable integrity.

Press On Shango’sDance

Press on Vogel/Lotz, t(w)o-do


On Lotz and his A Fula’s Call

 Draai Om Je Oren on Lotz

 Draai Om Je Oren, The Netherlands
“Mark Alban Lotz is the grand master, a great improviser on all kinds of flutes.”


Frankenpost 1992

Frankenpost, Germany
“ “… on the bass flute Lotz reached into the essence of art: … he allowed a glimpse into the underworld where nothing can be seen but much is to be heard.”

Latin Jazz Club

Latin Jazz Club (USA)
Article on Lotz and his Shango’s Dance (Lotz Of Music)