UK Vibe (UK)

“The standard of performances here, especially being from such an informal session, cannot be underestimated. This is the spirit of jazz in its truest form.”

UKVibe (UK)

Newsletter Spring 2020

some highlights on what up in 2020

Lotz Of Music @ Beauforthuis

“Delicate sound festival.”

Walkers Magazine

“Improvisatory nature which comes roaring powerfully.!”

Best Of 2019

Twice in the ‘Best Of 2019’ at New York City Jazz Records magazine

HKU Flute Festival 2020

Due to the COVID-19 epedemia this festival is canceled.

Jazzword on CD Live at JazzCase

“Proper combination of backbeat and lyricism is emphasized during eight Lotz compositions.”

New Autumn 2019

Jazzpodium on CD The Wroclaw Sessions

“With his own tracksLotz once again proves to be a veritable composer.”

uni kulturni magazine on the Wroclaw Sessions by Mark Lotz Trio

“It is simply intimate dynamic. And we can look forward to Lotz’s next predicted return. From where? From anywhere.”