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Michiel van Bakel & Mark Lotz

Lizard Magazyn on The Wroclaw Sessions

"Fresh, thrilling, full of air and space."

Jazz Portugal on The Wroclaw Sessions

"Full of musicality and adventure."

Point Of Departure on The Wroclaw Sessions

"Now that is turning lemons into lemonade."

All About Jazz on The Wroclaw Sessions

"Mark Alban Lotz is bringing sexy back into jazz with his trio recording The Wroclaw Sessions. "

KUUB solo flutes

"Mark Alban Lotz is a world phenomenon on the flute, a creative miracle of contemporary flute music."

interview jazznu

exclusive interview at

MusicFrames on The Wroclaw Sessions

"Exciting, inspiring and innovative!"

Freie Klänge Magdeburg

"Completely new listening experience and imagination."



9:00 pm - 12:00 pm at Frankfurt, GermanyRaj Mohan's Daayra


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm at Lantaren Venster, Van der Sluysstraat 196 3033SR RotterdamPanel Speaker @ Injazz Festival


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